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Techmelt Refiner Plates and Conical Fillings


Refiner Plates


The Characteristics of the Techmelt Refining Plates

TECHMELT has developed the state-of-the-art in conical fillings and refining plates,
available for any type and size of refiner, as well as for any type of process.




Currently, the modern casting processes allows thickness of bar equal from the base to the top.


These processes also allow for the plates manufacture with bars as of one millimeter thick, while maintaining excellent mechanical resistance, in addition to virtually eliminate the possibility of the occurrence of foundry failures.


Deformations and irregularities in thickness and in the spaces between the bars, common in the manufacturing process of the fabricated, never occur in the cast plates.


Irregularities in thickness and in the spaces between the bars are common.

The high heating during the welding, commits the resistance in the sector of the bar where it is performed.




Hardness is the property characteristic of a solid material, which expresses its resistance to permanent deformation and is directly related to the resistance to wear and durability.


These refiner plates are produced in metal alloys specially developed for each different type of application, with a hardness of bars constant throughout its useful life.


Plates and Cones TECHMELT: bars from 1 mm thick, perfectly aligned.

Bars with thicknesses unchanged from the base to the top during the entire life.




Austenitization is the heat treatment that consists in the transformation of the matrix's structure that exists in an austenitic structure through heating. After casting, the disks are austenitizated, which gives them qualities much higher than the inconstant welding plates.


In the light of the high resistance achieved in the process of manufacture, the cast plate is the only used in shredders and refinations in high consistency for the production of cellulose or mechanical pulp.


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